International Journal of Advanced Applied Physics Research

International Journal of Advanced Applied Physics Research is a refereed and highly professional journal that publishes premium theoretical and pragmatic papers in the field of Applied Physics. Applied Physicist use physics or conducting physics research with aim of developing new technologies or solving an engineering problem.

The journal publishes articles that emphasize understanding of the physics underlying modern technology in mode of original research articles, reviews, conference papers and short notes etc.

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Vol 4, No 1 (2017)

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Lanthanum-Doped Barium Stannate - a New Type of Critical Raw Materials-Free Transparent Conducting Oxide PDF
D. Gogova, A. Suwardi, Y.A. Kuznetsova, A.F. Zatsepin, L.A. Mochalov, A. Nezhdanov, B. Szyszka 1-8
Fabrication of Titanium Dioxide Nanorod Arrays-Polyaniline Heterojunction for Development of UV Photosensor PDF
M.M. Yusoff, M.H. Mamat, M.F. Malek, N. Othman, A.S. Ismail, S.A. Saidi, R. Mohamed, A.B. Suriani, Z. Khusaimi, M. Rusop 9-13
Absorption in One-Dimensional Lossy Photonic Crystal PDF
Tannaz Alamfard, Alireza Aghajamali, Arafa Aly 14-21

ISSN: 2408-977X