Vol 4, No 2 (2017)

Table of Contents


Evaluation of Rheological, Textural and Thermal Properties of Quinoa (Chenopodium Quinoa Willd) Based Breakfast Puree PDF
Oguz Uncu, Olusola Samuel Jolayemi, Sevcan Unluturk
Comparison of Antioxidant Activity of Rosemary Extract in Peanut Oil and Flaxseed Oil in Relation to their Fatty Acids Compositions PDF
Dandan Tao, Ling Pan, Yan Zhang
Reducing Risk of Campylobacteriosis from Poultry: A Mini Review PDF
Nion Sukted, Pravate Tuitemwong, Larry E. Erickson, Taradon Luangtongkum, Nipa Chokesajjawatee, Kooranee Tuitemwong 41-52

ISSN: 2408-9826