International Journal of Membrane Science and Technology

International Journal of Membrane Science and Technology is a peer reviewed scientific journal providing opportunity for academic and industrial chemists, chemical engineers, and materials scientists to share their experimental and theoretical research work in the field of Membrane Science and Technology through this platform.

Membrane technology covers all engineering approaches for the transport of substances between two fractions with the help of permeable membranes. In general, mechanical separation processes for separating gaseous or liquid streams use membrane technology.

Our topics of interest are; (but not limited to ) biological membranes, non-biological membranes, membrane types and structure, use of membrane technology in food, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, waste water, chemical and biotechnological industries.

The journal publishes novel research articles, reviews, communications and technical notes.

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Vol 4, No 2 (2017)

Table of Contents


Comparative Study on Composite Electrodes for Medium Temperature PEFC PDF
I. Gatto, A. Carbone, R. Pedicini, A. Saccà, F. Matera, A. Patti, E. Passalacqua 37-44
Removal of Diclofenac from Water using an Hybrid Process Combining Activated Carbon Adsorption and Ultrafiltration or Microfiltration PDF
Hassan Abdi Bogoreh, Catherine Charcosset 45-52
Hydrogen Production using Solar Membrane Reactor Technology PDF
Ali Khosravani, Elahe Safaee 53-63
Organic Micropollutant Removal by a Nanofiltration Pilot Plant used to Treat Spring Water from a Wastewater-Irrigated Valley PDF
Alma Chávez, Francisco J. Torner, Daniel Sánchez, Blanca Jiménez