International journal of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Neonatal Care  (Volume 2 Issue 2)
 Continence International journal of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Neonatal Care
Pages 24-29

Abdel Karim M
. El Hemaly, Laila A. S. E. Mousa and Ibrahim M . Kandil


2 July, 2015


Continence is self-restraint and self- control especially temperance, sexual behavior and the body excreta (ability to control one’s bowel and bladder).
Continence is an acquired behavior gained by learning and training. Continence is a nerve-muscle action. An alert healthy nervous system (NS) and intact reactive muscles are the tools for expressing continence.
To gain continence, is how to control and train your sympathetic nervous system (NS). Most sympathetic nerve endings secrete nor-epinephrine (NE). NE excites most of the visceral structures. The sympathetic NS mobilizes the body’s systems during confronting a situation “Fight or flight.”
We gain progressively rising up sympathetic tone from everyday life stress, teaching, and experience. Stimulation of the sympathetic NS, leads to rise in blood pressure. It dilates the pupil of the eye
. It excites the liver to release glucose, and increases the rate of metabolism of essentially all the cells of the body “fight or flight”. The integrative centers of the brain can acquire by learning, and training how to master, synchronize, and harmonize different responses according to social circumstances. Therefore, it is how to control the sympathetic NS is the way to gain continence.
After learning, sympathetic stimulation leads to: holding back (continence) or fight or flight”. If the situation is over –whelming, the result is sympathetic failure and subsequent incontinence.
Incontinence results from fault in the sympathetic NS
, CNS and/or the target organ.
Therefore, correcting the pathology of body’s excreta incontinence is by correcting the sympathetic nerves and their neurotransmitters medically or treating the target organs (IUS & IAS) surgically.

 CNS, Sympathetic NS, Nor-epinephrine NE, Continence, Body excreta, Incontinence.