International journal of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Neonatal Care  (Volume 6 Issue 2)
 Challenges in Aversion of Major Maternal Morbidity and Mortality In Low Resource Rural Women, Community Based Analysis International journal of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Neonatal Care
Pages 22-27

S. Chhabra and U.N. Jaju

29 September 2019

Preventable maternal deaths continue to occur in resource poor countries due to pre-existing poor health, lack of access to safe abortion, safe birth, quality prenatal, intra-natal, postnatal care though with low resources also deaths can be prevented by providing community based services with linkage to health facilities equipped for appropriate, effective quality maternity care.

Objectives: were to know persisting challenges, share information about rural community based maternal care provided by nurse midwives in villages with low resources.

Analysis of records of community based services and outcome was done: Each pregnancy was followed, irrespective of place, type and outcome of pregnancy, morbidities, mortality. There was change in places of births with more hospital births, by 2018, home births eliminated in villages where services were initiated in 1986. 67.84% births at referral institute, 32.16% in other hospitals. In other villages, 47.36% births took place at home, 44.73% other hospitals, 7.98 at referral institute in 1995. In same villages in 2018 home births were 1.61%, 9.67% at referral study hospital and 88.70% other hospitals pregnancy related mortality, severe morbidities almost eliminated. Nurse midwives (NMs) based at teaching referral hospitals can do a lot with needed guidance and supervision for maternal care to rural women with low resources. Quality care at referral is essential.
 Maternal death, Community based care, Nurse midwives, Maternal morbidity, Antenatal care.