Journal of Computer Science Technology Updates  (Volume 6 Issue 2)

 3D Visual Simulations of Chinese Flowering Cabbage Jcstu
Pages 1-6

Ning Xia, Aishuang Li, Yan Yin and Weijun Lin


Published: 09 December 2019
This paper presents 3D visual simulations, which consist of a statistical model and animated fly-throughs of Chinese flowering cabbage based on the essential principles of and practices of horticulture, to arouse interests for users in an entertaining way. These simulations reconstruct the stages of growth and development of Chinese flowering cabbage with geometric and topological characteristics, and show, for discussion purposes, how these animated fly-throughs can represent the interplay between stochastic and deterministic processes which are faithful to real plant growth and development under different operating conditions.
Chinese flowering cabbage, 3D visual, Statistical model, Simulation, Topological characteristics.