Global Journal of Anthropology Research  (Volume 5 Issue 1)

Anthropological Considerations Regarding the Experience and the Acceptance of the Donation of Human Milk

Pages 26-32

Nita Mihaela

Published: 22 July 2018

Taking into account the fact that Romania is one of the few European countries with no human milk bank the author attempts to identify the experience and the acceptance of the human milk donation in Romania. The author interviewed a total of 17 mothers, 4 grandmothers and one great grandmother in order to establish if a trans-generational change appeared regarding the issue of human milk donation in Romanian culture. The author identified no difference at the level of experience of milk sharing/wet-nursing between the generations, but a significant difference at the level of institutional human milk banking between the two generations.
Human milk donation, Human milk banks, Anthropology, Human milk sharing, Romania, Wet nurse..