Editor-in-Chief Profile

Jianke Li Dr. Jianke Li received Ph.D. in Zhejiang University of China. Now he is the Leading Scientist of innovation team of honeybee proteomics of Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Program in China. He is also scientist of the key state project of the earmarked fund for Modern Agro-Industry Technology Research System in China. The major research interests are revealing the molecular basis of honeybee biology. The team he led is now becoming the leader in the honeybee proteomics around the globe. About 40 papers of honeybee proteomic research have published in high rank international journal such as Molecular Cellular Proteomics and Journal of proteome research, and the total impact factor is over 170. He is now reviewer of Journal of Proteome Research, Journal of Proteomics etc. “Revealing the mechanism of the high yield and biochemical characteristics of royal jelly” won the second price of scientific and technological achievements by Beijing committee of science and technology in 2013.