Journal of Advanced Neuroscience Research  (Volume 2 Issue 1)
 Neural effects of cognitive intervention in healthy aging and dementia janrhomeimage
Pages 28-35

Jorge Alves

Published: 14 April 2015

 Cognitive intervention being recognized as a viable non-pharmacological approach for age-related cognitive changes and as a complementary therapy to pharmacological therapies in dementia, in recent years has been gaining substantial scientific and public attention.
Indeed, recent studies have shown promising results concerning the efficacy of cognitive intervention in the amelioration of cognitive deficits with benefits in functionality and quality of life. Despite an increasing amount of studies with neuropsychological, behavioral, functionality and quality of life outcomes, the neural bases of cognitive intervention remain comparatively less explored and understood.
In the present work we review existing evidence concerning the impact of cognitive intervention in brain functioning of healthy older adults as well as people with dementia.

Brain aging, Cognitive aging, Cognitive intervention, Cognitive rehabilitation, Cognitive stimulation, Cognitive training, Dementia, Neuroimaging.