Journal of Advanced Neuroscience Research  (Volume 4 Issue 1)
 Potassium Channels: A Transistor Model janrhomeimage
Pages 14-18

Murat Ayaz and Sirma Basak Yanardag

Published: 21 June 2017
Ion involvement of neuronal excitation is well known. Since ions are in the scene, it is possible to visualize the mechanism through the lens of solid state physics. Lipid bilayer acts as a perfect insulator to ions, and transport of the ions - the major current carriers are Na and K ions- across the membrane is observed through ion channels. In this model, axoplasm and extracellular matrix are assumed as p-type material and membrane is as n-type, and for potassium flux whole system is modeled as a pnp type bipolar junction transistor in common base configuration.
 Axonal membrane, Iontronics, pnp transistors, Potassium flux, Solid state physics.