International Journal of Membrane Science and Technology
(Volume 9 - Special Issue)
The Development of Carbon Membrane for Gas Separation: A Review membrane
Pages 52-66

Abdulaziz A. Alomair, Yousef Alqaheem and Afnan A. Ali


Published: 30 September 2022

The applications of carbon membranes are becoming more important than ever due to their resilient mechanical strength, stability, and separation performance. The production of carbon membranes involves a suitable precursor that is being subjective to a pyrolysis process under controlled operating conditions that will result a porous structure to be utilized in many different separation applications. Thus, by understanding the preparation aspects of this fabrication process, the product can be manipulated, to optimize the best preparation procedure for obtaining the desired properties of a given type of membrane. This paper reviews the preparation aspects of carbon membranes, that can be manipulated to enhance the overall separation performance.
Carbon, Membranes, Gas separation, Molecular sieve.

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