International Journal of Membrane Science and Technology
(Volume 9 - Special Issue)
Membranes Targeting Industrial O2 Production from Air – A Short Review membrane
Pages 14-24

Dionysios S. Karousos and Evangelos P. Favvas



Published: 3 September 2022

Some of the most promising membranes for O2/N2 gas separation (air separation) mentioned in literature so far are selected, in terms of meeting a O2-gas-production breakeven cost that is lower than that of competing air separation unit (ASU) technologies, based on latest reported technoeconomic studies. An overview regarding most important applications of O2 and N2 gases is first given, in respect with the demanded purity limits for each case, since the purity parameter is crucial in defining the minimum breakeven cost.
oxygen production; air separation technologies; membrane technology; industrial O2 production processes.

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